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Unlock new Gacha Club items with this mod

Gacha Club Edition is a game utility created by indie developer Ryo Snow. Free to download, this application allows you to play the modified version of Gacha Club. It works as a mod for the hit Lunme casual game, providing access to various new items.

Players must note that Gacha Club Edition only unlocks new items to the game. It does not or change the mechanics of the original game nor add new features. You don't need to download and install the base game to use it though. However, expect trouble downloading and installing the app to your device. 

What does the mod do?

Gacha Club is a casual character creator game. Previously known as Gacha Life 2, this game combines the elements from other Lunme games, namely Gacha World, Gacha Life, and Gacha Resort. Here, you can access a robust character creation system, allowing you to design your own anime-styled character. There is even a studio mode, where you can design a scene by adding backgrounds, pets, and other objects.

The original game already comes with thousands of customization options. However, with Gacha Club Edition, you can access more. With the mod, you can get new effects, objects, items, and even funds. Moreover, you can make your favorite pose and even create dialogues using the text bubbles. Additionally, the app allows you to save the OSC or share in OSC codes.

Besides the lack of changes to the gameplay, there are a few things to consider before downloading the game. As mentioned, its installation can be troublesome as it often fails to install properly. It would often require you to remove the original Gacha Club game from your device for it to install. Additionally, the mod can delete the saved files you have on the base game.

Should you download it?

Overall, Gacha Club Edition is a good add-on to have if you wish to unlock new items for your Gacha Club game. The app provides the same experience but with added objects and customization options. With this, you can expand your horizon when it comes to creating your characters. However, getting started is a problem as installing the mod is already an issue. 


  • Adds new items to the game
  • Allows saving of OSC or sharing in OSC codes
  • New main menu interface
  • Does not require the original game


  • Troublesome installation
  • Does not bring any changes to the gameplay
  • May delete some save files on your original game

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